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Swimming Instructor
Sports Activity Coach
Body Transformation Expert
Coach Sash is one of our Body Transformation Experts. From his own Inspirational Weight Loss journey of losing more than 50kilos. He is an Expert at Body Transformations and has helped more than 50 Clients achieve their Dream Body.
An excellent swimming Coach who prides himself in teaching more than 500 Students the Lifesaving skill of Swimming.
Sash is also a Sports Coach who teaches Volleyball, Football, Badminton and Basketball


Boxing Coach
Fight Expert and Martial Arts
Coach Eric has over 50 active clients in his Boxing Studio at Infinity FItness
One of the Fittest coaches, he is an inspiration to his students due to his discipline and Expert Boxing Skills.
Eric has over 10 years’ experience in Sports and Fitness and he is extremely popular with the Kids and Teenagers whom he coaches everyday.
Boxing Techniques, Footwork, Sparring, Speed, Agility, Movement, Hand Eye Coordination are his are of expertise. He also prepared Individuals for Fights on the Amateur Boxing Circuit and conducts Personal Training.


Personal Training Expert, Group Class Instructor
Speaks English and Arabic
Coach Eslam is an energetic and athletic fitness coach and Group Class Instructor.
Developing the right techniques in his clients workout routines and ensuring they are safe whilst working out.
As a Personal Trainer he has helps over 300 clients with their Fitness Goals.
Body Building, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain and Building Core Strengths are his areas of Expertise.


Personal Trainer and Karate Coach
Bijoy is a dedicated Personal Training Coach who goes the extra mile to ensure his clients achieve their Fitness Goals.
His expertise in gaining lean muscle mass, fat loss and Body Shaping / Sculpting is appreciated by his clients.
Bijoy conducts Karate Classes and has a keen interest in Martial Arts.


Fitness Manager, Master Trainer, Bodybuilding Expert, Group Class Trainer, Nutrition Expert
Speaks English and Arabic
LEVEL 4 Physical Fitness and Nutrition Coach
Lifestyle Coach
Body Transformation Specialist
Nasr is the Fitness Expert at Infinity Fitness Club. He has over 500 satisfied clients and he has helped them achieve their Fitness Goals.
He has expert knowledge in Fitness and Nutrition.
Body Building, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain and Building Core Strengths are his areas of Expertise.

Phone: 050 318 0202 / 050 791 1143


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