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This Is The Intermediate Guide On Renault Trafic Key Fob

The Story of the Renault Card Key

Among all the inventions that have changed the way we drive but none has made such an impact on the lives of drivers as the hands-free card. Pascaline, Head of Cross-Cutting Products at Renault Group Products walks us through the history of this simple device.

The origins of the card

A key element in the life of a car owner the hands-free card from Renault has become a global hit. First designed around 20 years ago, it is one of the most innovative innovations of the company. Pascaline the Head of Cross-Cutting Products at the Products division takes us on an adventure to find out the story of this handy accessory.

key card for renault megane replacement was in 2001 when the Laguna II, a saloon that aimed at capturing the essence of ‘lifestyle’ driving, went into production. It was a time of great innovation, with an array of new technology attributes that enabled customers get the maximum benefits of their vehicle.

The occupants still had to use the keys to open and close their doors. Renault engineers were determined that this was a significant problem for many people.

In the end, they decided to put a contactless card into their vehicles. They then developed a system that would enable drivers to open and start their cars by merely waving the hand. The result is the card key, that is now found on a majority of Renault vehicles. It’s either inside the ignition barrel or in the centre console the car will open when the card approaches, and will lock automatically when moved away. This is a genuine Renault remote control keycard (without blade). It comes individually packed and ready to be programmed with Abrites diagnostics for Renault/ Dacia software with the ProTAG programmer.

The design

A Renault key card, or even remote car keys can be a great convenience to have in our everyday lives. However, these devices are prone to malfunction due to wear and tear or being dropped. It can be very frustrating when this occurs. Thankfully, there are several ways to replace your Renault key card. Contacting the dealership is one alternative. This could take some time and may be costly. Another option is to visit a professional locksmith.

SR Key Solutions has the required equipment to program and make Renault keys and cards. We can change your key at a price that is less expensive than what a dealer would charge. Additionally, we can do the job much quicker than a dealership.

This product is compatible for the Renault Laguna II (keyless entry), Espace 4 (keyless entry) and Vel Satis (keyless entrance system). It helps protect your card while giving it a nice appearance. It is available in two colors and can be personalized with your VIN, logo, etc. It can be used in conjunction with a normal keychain, or in the key case. This is an authentic Renault item and is only compatible with the vehicle for the reason for which it was purchased. Please provide your VIN to ensure that the correct key is provided.

The technology

Renault key cards contain transponder chips and the ability to communicate at low frequency which allows the card to communicate with your vehicle. The chips are susceptible to cracking from general use and it can be expensive to get them repaired or replaced at a dealership. We can repair or replace your Renault key card at only a fraction of the dealer cost.

The hands-free cards were first launched in 2001 on the Laguna II saloon, which was designed to embody the “lifestyle” car of 21st century. However, despite a comprehensive design brief that was based on more than 6,000 customer interviews looking at their lifestyles, habits and expectations, Renault ran out of time to create prototypes and test every possible applications.

Fortunately, the lead of the product on Laguna II, Bernard Dumondel, was staying in an hotel at the time and used his room key to open his car. As the key featured the small magnetic strip he thought that it would be possible to make a car key that worked in a similar way.

In the years to come the card was hailed as an invention that revolutionized the world and is now on two out of three Renault vehicles. Although smartphones are close to replacing it, Renault has chosen to utilize these new technologies without letting the hands-free card fall out of use.

The keyless entry system

The hands-free card of Renault was an innovation in technology when it was first introduced 20 years ago. The exterior is the same, but the technology has been upgraded to make it easier to use and less vulnerable to hacking.

In the first place, it cannot be used to open the doors or start the engine from outside the vehicle, unless it is activated by the driver. This is because radio signal antennae “around” the car are configured to detect the presence of the key outside or inside it. The key will still start the ignition from a distance but it will not open the doors. This is to ensure your safety.

The other thing to note is that the system’s wireless remote control transmissions make use of a rolling code. This decreases the risk of security being compromised by someone intercepting and retransmitting the control message in order to gain access, but does not eliminate the possibility completely. [1]

If the key fob on your Megane suddenly ceases to function, particularly after dropping it to the floor it could be a sign the receiver module is defective. If this is the scenario, you’ll have to replace it with an authentic Renault replacement. Click the ‘Key Programming Information’ tab above to learn more. Customers who are involved in the locksmith or motor trade can sign up for a trade account to enjoy a special price.

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