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A Time-Travelling Journey How People Talked About Renault Trafic Key Replacement 20 Years Ago

Replacement Key For Renault Clio

Renault cars have a complicated immobiliser system. If you lose a single key most people assume there is only one option: contact an Renault dealer who will order an replacement from France.

We provide a less expensive and faster alternative. We have all Renault cards and keys in stock, so we can send you the replacement within an hour of your call.

Keys with chips Keys

If your Renault has transponder chips, then it will only start only when you use the correct key. renault card key is to stop car theft by preventing the engine from running when an unapproved key is used.

The chip is equipped with an identification number that lines up with the one stored in the computer system of your car. When you insert the new key into the ignition it sends a message to the immobiliser which then determines if the number on your chip is the same as the one that is stored in the system. If the match is successful, the car will allow fuel to flow or activate the starter motor.

If the key is unable to send a match, or is not recognised by the immobiliser, the vehicle will stop working and go into the safety lockout phase. It usually lasts between 3 and 4 minutes. Once this happens, you will not be allowed to drive your vehicle and will require a replacement key.

For a new key, you’ll need to go to the local car locksmith. They will be able determine the cut needed for your vehicle. Once they have these, they can then make an exact duplicate copy of your key. They can also program the replacement key into your car so that it can start.

Key Cards

Renault key cards look very different from chipped keys, however they function in a similar manner. The card is put into the dash panel reader and when you hit the key button, it unlocks the car. When you press the engine button it will start the vehicle. The key card can be encrypted so that you gain access to specific areas inside a building. This will block anyone else from driving your car, or accessing certain areas of your office.

The problem with these type of keys is that over time the plastic card may degrade or internal mechanisms can bend or crack. You will see a message that reads “card is not recognized” on the dash or even there is a blank screen. This is a sign that the card has failed and needs to be replaced.

We have these cards in stock and are able to cut and program a brand new Renault key at your home or workplace. We can also connect to your vehicle using laptop software and transfer the transponder codes from your old key to the new. This saves you having to visit a Renault main dealer and wait for them to order your replacement key in from France. This can be a lengthy process that could result in you not having your car for as long as a week.

Key Fobs

Key fobs of today offer more functions than the simple lock and unlock commands. Some fobs include buttons that let motorists open and close the doors of their car and even start the engine remotely. Some fobs have buttons that can open the windows. Some fobs let drivers summon their vehicle and then auto-park it.

Most of these features require the key fob be in close proximity to a door latch in order to be activated, however some can be activated by pressing the key fob’s buttons in quick succession. The fobs are equipped with security features to prevent their signals being intercepted and copied. It is possible to obtain a new key fob from the manufacturer. However, this could cost you more than you anticipated.

Renault also provides key cards that slot into the dash panel’s card reader. The cards emit a code that lets drivers open doors and to start engines. The insurance company can assist in replacing the lost key card. However, it won’t be considered deductible for your policy.

The Car Key People stock Renault keys and cards so that we can program and cut a new Renault card for you on the same day you call, saving both time and money. We use laptop based software to communicate with your car’s computers to program in new key fobs. This is a lot faster and cost-effective than contacting the Renault main dealer.

Remote Keys

Remote keys are a form of key that comes with the remote control unit within the head of the key. They are very useful because they provide an extra layer of security against burglaries and aid in car security. They have a unique serial number and the blade is not cut like the flat metal keys. They are also designed as a substitute for traditional flat metal keys. These keys are harder to steal, and are typically only used by car owners. They can be programmed at the dealership or by locksmiths using an instrument for diagnosing.

Some people believe that key fobs and transponder keys are the same thing, they are not. Understanding the distinctions between the two will help to understand their roles. A transponder key can be used to unlock doors in cars but is also required to start the vehicle. This is accomplished by transmitting a signal from the microchip in the key to the engine. The microchip will identify the car’s unique serial number then shut off the immobilizer.

Remember that a dealer is able to only program the remote if you present the proper proof of ownership or registration. This will prevent thieves from writing down the VIN to take it to a local department for parts to program the key fob for another vehicle. Some online stores will offer the ability to program your keyfob for you. However, they may require proof of ownership.

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