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How to Deal With Lost Or Stolen Saab Keys

The 2007 Saab 9-3 is a fun well-rounded luxury car. The sedan, SportCombi wagon and convertible offer good passenger space as well as solid handling and a wealth of high-tech features.

The turbocharged 4-cylinder engine is able to achieve speeds of 75 mph and the interior is surprisingly spacious. Safety equipment is also of the highest standard, with two airbags in the front and an over-ride system that comes with pop up headrests.

Lost or Stolen Saab keys

It can be a hassle to have your car keys stolen or even lost. It’s not only annoying but also a security hazard as it makes it easy for thieves to open your car and escape with it. We can replace your lost or stolen Saab key with a fresh one in a matter of minutes and without causing any damage to your vehicle. We charge 75 percent less than what your main dealer will charge and then deliver the service direct to you in the south east region of England.

Every car manufactured since 1995 have an immobilizer inbuilt. It has a specific chip in the key-fob which is recognized by the car when it is put into the ignition. If the key-fob does not present when trying to start the engine, the vehicle won’t turn on in any way. The traditional metal key lacks any security features and could easily be copied.

Saab owners should purchase at least two working vehicle keys. Even if you don’t plan to lose only one it’s good to keep an extra key fob to keep in the event of an emergency. If you are down to one working key and you are in need of a locksmith mobile, they can visit your home and give you a new key at the time.

Re-Programming Saab Keys

Since 1995, Saab has used immobilizer alarm systems that detect the key via a specific chip in the key-fob. The classic metal part of the key remains in use, but it serves no purpose other than unlocking the doors. It is necessary to change the programming of the car and also add an additional key to accomplish this.

An independent locksmith can do this for a fraction of price that a dealer would. The primary reason why a dealer charges such a high price is because they need to replace the computer in order to make a brand new key that requires them to perform a lot of work.

Reprogramming the EEPROM in the car computer and creating your own key is an easy procedure that most locksmiths can do on their standard equipment. It can be done within 5 minutes and it will save you the expense of having to buy an entirely new computer from the dealer.

saab key case of the electronics from the old key fob is a relatively simple procedure and doesn’t require any special tools other than a flathead screwdriver. Once the electronics have been removed and the battery replaced, it’s an easy process that can be accomplished using the standard AAA battery. Once the new battery is installed the electronics and case can be assembled and you’ll have a functioning Saab 9-3 key fob!

Replacement Saab Keys

It’s a pain to lose or have your Saab key stolen. However, don’t panic since there are a few options to choose from. You can get the key duplicated by an area locksmith, or even buy an original copy from the internet.

Purchasing a used one is a good idea since you could save up to 75 percent of the cost when compared to buying a replacement from a dealer.

The good news is that all cars manufactured in the year 1995 feature an immobilizer that is able to recognise the keys. In actual fact, it’s impossible to start the vehicle without a key that is recognised (key-fob) in the ignition in the event that you have just lost your key however, you should still be able to drive home and get a new one as soon as you can.

You should be aware that this kind of immobilizer is only compatible with Saab cars that have a key-fob with an electronic chip that is not a traditional blade and shell. You will need a special keyfob in order to add a second key to your Saab or create duplicates of the original. It is possible to have a saab dealership make this change but they’ll charge you and you’ll need to wait.

Saab Key Replacement

Saab has a long track record of making vehicles and cars with some of the best features available. They are known for their sleek design and superb handling. They are also renowned for their security and reliability. Although they’re not so popular as other models, they have a loyal fan base that loves them and makes sure they run. However, like all cars there are certain things that can fail with them. One of the most frequently encountered problems is the key fob. There are solutions to this issue.

The best way to prevent this issue is to have an extra key fob. You will always be capable of starting your car if you have a spare key fob. The key fob is the part that contains the electronic parts which is why it is crucial to keep it in a secure location.

You can replace the key fob in a dealership or from an independent locksmith for your vehicle. If you decide to purchase the new one, it is important to ensure that it is programmed to your vehicle prior to installing it. If you don’t then your car will not recognize the new key.

It can be costly to buy a replacement, particularly if the one you have is damaged. You can save money by buying a replacement key from a mobile locksmith or dealer. You’ll need to pay for the reprogramming process of the key.

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